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The long-awaited Monday came! !

It’s been a while since the movie was released, but I think the people who were planning to go to the movie theater have almost finished watching it. (My Hero Academia movie was so popular that it became a hot topic!)

Last week it was a lonely week that jumps were suspended and it was a lonely week, but this week I want to regain my enthusiasm and liven up my manga life!

Below, I would like to touch on Batowan’s thoughts and thoughts after reading Chapter 194! !

Chapter 194 “Cold Sky! Yuei High School!” Spoiler Confirmation and Consideration!

Continuing from the previous Chapter, Chapter 194 is the end of Deku’s dream.

It was impressive that Deku talked to Almight about the appearance of One for All, which was again in his dream.

Almight doesn’t seem to know everything, and he seems to have sought and answered from the knowledge he had.

The expressions around here are really realistic and skillful, and you can see that the worries and behaviors of living human beings are often observed and reflected in the work!

Some “predecessors” looking at Deku .

It’s Mr. Horikoshi, so I think that each of these has a precise portrait, past, and way of life.

One for all that has been passed on like a torch, and the thoughts that dwell on it.

It looks like a ghost, but it’s not necessarily the case.

I think that the above scene is one that will always have an effect in later consideration, so I want to remember it firmly!

Persuasive power in the words of Nana Shimura!

The next cut I want to check is the following.

This one piece depicting Nana Shimura must certainly not seem to have any significant meaning in the future.

I’m sure that this romance is also indirectly inheriting Deku!

The above cut was a particularly impressive scene for Batwan and seems to give a strong persuasive power to the thought of One for All.

The word “romance” by Nana Shimura, the direct teacher of Almight .

Since the current time is exactly the same as “Obon” (although it was a little too long), I felt that it was an expression that made me feel more sad and mysterious.

Joint training of 1-A and 1-B seems to start!

By the way, here is the one-for-all consideration that was talked about last time.

I’m wondering if I can think about the details later in individual articles …

In the following, I would like to touch on the impressions about the joint training of 1-A and 1-B drawn in Chapter 194 this time!

The season is winter, and practice with group B is about to begin!

By the way, in the next Chapter 195, it seems like a joint training with group B will start!

I think it was good that each of them was dressed for winter!

Eight millions had less exposure, and the bomber was also dressed in black-based stylish clothes.

I think Ashido was still the best and most cheerful even in winter!

The story of My Hero Academia has progressed considerably, and winter has already come.

The day when Deku was happy that he passed “ Yuei!” Is remembered like yesterday!

It’s almost 2nd grade, everyone!

I wonder if the joint training will draw a little “entanglement of human relations” toward that point.

Also, I would like you to make the most of this year’s compilation!

Group B is also majestic! I feel!

The members of Group B are also magnificent! It was drawn like that.

Especially, the high tension between things is alive and well, and I think that he had a good taste this time too!

It’s best that things are shaken off like this!

By the way, I would like to confess that the tension of Batowan will rise sharply every time he appears!

In the above cut, I think that Tetsuya Tetsuya, who I personally loved, Kinoko Komori, and Yui Kodai who haven’t played much, had a strong presence. (Kinoko’s clothes are cute!)

Also, the enthusiastic ambassador who is aiming to transfer from the ordinary department made an unsuitable reappearance, and the stage is likely to be a hot development even in winter ~!

I think there will be a class change in the second year, and I would like to keep an eye on this joint training from this perspective!

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